Published August 5, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

You ever have those nights where you just can’t sleep? You’ll read books, text, dance, exercise do anything possible to quiet your mind but you just can’t sleep? When you start to doze off, your mind quiets softly and that’s when the distortions and muscle twitches set in. Might just be a murmur close to your ear, could be the clinking of metal. I’ve heard them both. It’s like your body jerks, warning you of the danger. That you can’t sleep yet. The day my life flipped upside down. Sure I was scared at night when I was little because I knew what I would hear and see if I closed my eyes, but I grew to love the dark. I always felt comforted and safe. Don’t ask me why that is, I honestly don’t know. I’ve always been a night owl for as long as I can remember. The mysteries and secrets nighttime holds just intrigue me. The shadows dancing on the walls, calling me, I’ve always believed in spirits if that helps you to understand about the nighttime.


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