Days Between

Published August 7, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

Yes I know it’s Wednesday I didn’t suddenly lose several days don’t worry. But you ever feel like their should be a day between Saturday and Sunday? I mean take Fridays for example: tick tock tick tock, your gaze drawn to the clock on your desk as you watch the minutes slip by slower than molasses. Your heart is slowed because you’re tired. What do you expect, it’s Friday! THE SLOWEST DAY OF THE WEEK! I mean most people hate Mondays because it’s the start of the week and when will the week be over? You mean I have to wait four more days for the weekend?! ARE YOU KIDDING?! But finally, it’s 5:00 and you’re free! So you go home, or out to the bar, or out to dinner and you talk about your day, you discuss philosophy, shooting the breeze with the people around you and you feel pretty good about yourself. Work is hard! Sure sometimes it can be fun, but for the most part it’s monotonous, sometimes you may dislike the people you work with, but we have to move on and suck it up. The reason you work is not only to enhance your knowledge of how the world works but because you need to make a living in life or where will you be? I digress. Work is very important, I get that but you do need a way to recharge and that’s what the weekends are for. A third weekend day would be good in some cases. You know how people want a day between Saturday and Sunday? Just make the most of it. Work on your hobbies, read a book, go have fun with friends, that sort of thing. We haven’t perfected the perfect 24 hour day yet and we can’t take every day off of work or it wouldn’t be called work now would it? Exactly


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