That Special Someone

Published August 7, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

A glance, just one, that’s usually all it takes. A brush of his fingers across your knuckles. His grip: firm but it makes you feel very secure. He looks into your eyes biting his lip. You blush deeply feeling shy and look away slightly. “What’s wrong?” He asks quietly sensing your hesitation and shyness. “Nothing” you whisper tearing up. Nobody has ever made you feel this way and you try to hold your emotions together for fear you’ll scare him off. He touches your cheek, and you flinch, gritting your teeth as you try to calm down. “It’s not your fault” you mutter, launching into a story of your past. He listens intently, understanding, as you tear up again. “I’m sorry” you whisper looking down at your hands ashamed as a blush creeps up your cheeks. He leans his head against yours and looks into your eyes telling you it’s ok, he’ll never hurt you. You bite your lip as a quiet sigh escapes you and nod silently. He leans in slowly brushing his finger over your soft lips. Asking with his eyes, you nod quietly and close your eyes as you kiss softly at first then a little deeper. After a few minutes, you part, breathlessly and blush. “I think I love you” you both say at the same time, grinning sheepishly. As you part for the night, deep down you both know you’re thinking of the future you want with him.

Now I didn’t say a name but he popped into your mind anyway hmm?


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