Trying to Get Over You

Published August 9, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

At night…I lie awake. We’ve spoken, though it’s not the same. I miss you, everything about what we had. I don’t know where we are anymore. It’s like stepping on broken glass. The pain hurts but I’ll brave it just to talk to you again, to get what we had back. I don’t even know what that is anymore. You said what you had to say. “You couldn’t do this. Not now. You were too busy” Like knives through my heart. Then you left me sitting there. Staring at the table I looked up briefly at your hasty retreat. I only wanted answers. But we went months without talking instead. I laid awake at night wondering if you remembered me. If you had any remorse. You’ve said “sorry” so many times and I’ve believed you. Every. Single. Time. Now I’m stuck, feeling dazed. Trying to get over you so I can move on…but I just can’t do it. I don’t know why. Just when I think I’m over you, we talk and I realize how much I miss you. It hurts me more than you could ever understand. I hope someday I can get over you. I really truly do. I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Why for the life of me I can’t get over you. I know what you said…you wanted to be “just friends” but I wonder if that’s really what you meant. You were upset and logically people say the wrong things when they’re upset. That’s all I’m saying. So I lie awake wondering


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