Published August 10, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

*creak creak creak* the stairs seem to say as you tiptoe down to the kitchen. “Damnit” you mutter, trying to be quiet. You tilt your head, hearing the crickets play their song. There’s no wind, aside from the crickets, there’s nothing. Utter silence. But is it really? It’s too quiet almost, and that sets you on edge. You grab a drink of juice and look around nervously at the dancing shadows.

Dancing? But there’s no wind.

you think. You close your eyes and lean against the counter listening. Right below you, you can hear the *click click rumble* of the dehumidifier in the basement before it clicks off. I should probably go check that you muse. Walking downstairs you tense, put off by how dark it is. Flipping on the light, you walk slowly across the concrete, your feet making a soft *shoof shoof* sound. It sounds louder in the dead quiet as you bend down, grabbing the bucket. Your back cracks softly but you ignore it, your hair standing on end. When did it suddenly get this cold? you wonder aloud, as you walk to the sink. Dumping the water, you hear it run through the pipes, the sound instantly calms you. A sigh of relief escapes your lips but then a chill sets in. Running, you place the bucket back where it belongs and wait for the rumbling to start again. Did I blow the fuse? you wonder aloud. Sighing, you walk upstairs and climb into bed, that cold sensation never leaving. Grabbing your flashlight, you open your book to read. To which your flashlight flickers and dies. Not possible. I just put new batteries in you muse. Sighing loudly, you hunker down in the covers but sleep doesn’t come. A harsh wind suddenly picks up causing the door to slam shut and you to jump. Shit you think, suddenly feeling weak. Sleep never comes and you’re left alone with the loud wind and your thoughts keeping you awake…as usual

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