The Day My Life Went Down The Loo

Published August 12, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

Sometimes I get so weird, I even freak myself out. I laugh myself to sleep. It’s my lullaby.

It started the night before. I crawled into bed and burrowed under the covers as there was a chill in the air. At the time I dismissed it. If only I had known then what I know now. The night dragged on and I tried to sleep unsuccessfully. Flipping and flopping. Every time I closed my eyes, I’d feel like I was falling, my body would jerk and I would wake up. A few times, I’d turn on my side and cover my ears. As you guessed, my sensitive hearing tuned me into the voices that no one else could hear. Nothing malicious was said but I was still scared. Never told my parents though, they would have thought I was crazy like I’m sure you must think since you are reading this. Around 1 AM I was startled awake, sweating as chill shook my body. Looking up hesitantly, I saw a shadow of a woman in a white dress and the haunted look she gave me caused my hair to stand on end. Then without a word, she disappeared. No doubt, she would be back. Too shaken to sleep, I started reading. A few pages into my book, I heard clinking, like a tin cup across bars or like knives clinking. Tuning my ear to the sound, I walked over to my radiator. The sound wasn’t coming from it exactly, but more near it. I looked and saw a white mist, a black mist touching me. I jerked my hand away, chilled to the bone. Stopped me dead in my tracks with no where to run, I ducked and shivered as blast of wind blew through the room. There I sat, unnerved and too scared to move. My blanket hung off my bed in a heap and I snagged it, curling up into a ball.

Next morning, and the smell of coffee roused me from my sleepless night. Stumbling down the stairs, I poured a bowl of cheerios and sat at the table. My parents asked me what was wrong and I muttered unintelligibly due to being tired. Hugging my mother, I walked out the door so my father could walk me down the hill to school. I appreciated it, I was a little leery of walking alone. He tried to get me to talk, to say anything but I lapsed into silence deciding it was smarter to keep my mouth shut. Dropping me in the parking lot, we hugged and walked our separate ways. I walked quickly into class and took my seat. The day passed uneventfully with no incidences. My father picked me up again and asked me how my day was. “Fine” I muttered, shoving my hands into the pockets of my jumper as we walked home. When we got home I hugged both my parents and slipped upstairs to sleep, much to my parents confusion. Slipping under the covers once again, I sighed knowing that I wouldn’t get any sleep tonight, so sleeping during the afternoon what my best option.

A few hours later, I woke and had dinner, my body running on autopilot. I sat trying to still my racing heart and calm my nerves to no avail. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, too afraid to sleep in my room that night.

Was it a dream? I don’t know, sometimes I ask myself that and realize that no, it was in fact very real and the incidences would only get more disturbing as vivid dreams would set in when I got older. That’s part of my story and I’m glad you stuck with me to hear it


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