Love Chicago Dream

Published August 19, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

I have a dream. I want to go to Chicago for art school. Some of you may think I’m crazy because an artists life is hard. You get jobs here and there but to live job to job. you can’t exactly live comfortably can you? It’s what I really want. Art is in my blood. Weather its through my blog or through my paintings, I don’t care how long it takes. I want to learn everything I can. Sure I may be in school till I’m in my 50’s but I don’t care since I’m doing what I love. I’ve wanted to work in all mediums of art for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was in part to my prematurity, maybe not but the way I see the world is different than the way you may see it. I want to show that difference and I think learning all I can about art and writing makes it all worth it. Sure I may make it to my 30’s and not have anything concrete to show for it but at least I’m still learning and expanding my knowledge of art


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