On Edge

Published August 19, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

What do I do to keep an even keel? I read, I’ll go for daily walks. If I didn’t get out every once in a while I think I would go mad. I’ll take a page from Alice in Wonderland “We’re all mad here.” That statement is very true. Between our personal lives and our work lives, we need that balance, that separation. One should be separate from the other as much as possible. In some cases this can’t happen. Such as if you work with family. Your personal life and professional life will always intermingle. The trick is to try to distance yourself when you feel yourself getting too stressed. No I don’t mean not go to work or show up whenever you want. If you get too close to the edge you could become depressed and shut yourself out from the world. I’ll admit to doing that sometimes. It’s not that I don’t like people, it’s that sometimes I just need a break. To break free from rules and responsibilities. I wish sometimes that I could be a kid again. I could be free of responsibilities and just live freely. I mean I do have a job and I’m proud of my job and what I do, I I try to pull my weight or at least I try to around the house. But sometimes don’t you just wish that life had a pause button so you could see how things play out before making a decision. Foresight is always a good thing to have. Unfortunately, my life changes like a camera flash for it to be much use.


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