Promises of Friendship, Love and All In-Between

Published August 22, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

“Oh sure…let’s be friends. We practically share all the same classes.” This is said to one of my friends in high school back in 2008.

“Friends forever.” she replied pinky promising it

Got that right? Friends forever huh?


Flash forward to October of that same year. My two friends were fighting over…something stupid if memory serves. I’m over here trying to not get in the middle of their drama. They of course, explain the situation and what do they want, you ask? THAT I PICK WHO’S RIGHT!!! I try to stay out of it, but NO THEY INSIST I PICK AND WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE UNTIL I DO! I of course don’t give a shit, I just want them to stop fighting. So I pick my friend who was unbeknownst to me…wrong in the matter. My other friend stops talking to me for 6 months. Of course, now I’m mad because I don’t know why they’re acting this way. 6 months go by and she starts talking to me again.

Fast forward another 3 years. My friend is uprooted and shipped down to Florida with her mom and sister. No logical reason as to why. I’m not too heart broken. Cold I know but she used me and took advantage of my good nature. So we don’t talk much for a year. A boy comes into my life and in late 2011, we start dating. Out of the blue, my friend calls me and makes a very inappropriate comment about him and I. She is now my ex-friend.

Beginning of 2012 my boyfriend and I have an argument. He couldn’t come for Christmas and lied to me saying he could. Well now I’m very unhappy but since I always quip that I’m used to being hurt emotionally, I get over it eventually.

Enter, my best guy friend who I met back in 2009 when I started college. He and I have been good friends for four years. Back and forth we’ve gone. Between being friends and wanting more. Very confusing and heart-string pulling, our friendship is. My point to this long post? Friends forever is a cliche. It rarely works out and maybe we’re all meant to be alone so we don’t get hurt. Fine by me as I’m used to being an outcast.


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