Published September 7, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

I hate to sound materialistic, I really truly do. However, I try to answer all the daily prompts I possibly can. This one asks about luxuries you can do without and I have taken it upon myself to try and give a meaningful and concise answer. One luxury I couldn’t live without would be my phone. It can do all the things my computer does and it’s more compact. When I update my blog, I’m either on the go, or I want to be comfy so I lay in bed. Since I don’t want to carry my laptop upstairs, my phone serves the purpose of letting me text my boyfriend and connect to WordPress to update at the same time. Ever since I started blogging, I feel a lot happier with myself as a person. Sure everyone does have their moments where they’re unhappy, myself included. Once I sit down and open my laptop or open the app, it’s like the words just flow like water through a burst dam and I don’t stop until I’m done. Time flies when I write and I feel much better after a good writing session


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