The Five Most Obvious (But Mind-Blowing) Revelations From Your Therapist

Published September 7, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

This is very true. Ask any therapist

Survival is Relative

We feel no shame in talking publicly about our therapists (which is something we should probably talk to our therapists about). Many of our arguments end with “my therapist was just telling me I should stop responding to people like this,” and we sometimes joke that we should invite both of our therapists to participate in our conversations.

Honestly, sometimes it’s helpful to have someone to talk to who doesn’t have a particular agenda. Sure, your mom is happy to listen to you, but (at least for us) our moms are just as likely to make us angry as to make us feel better. Your friends are great, but after a while, they get tired of listening to you bitch about your life. Sometimes, if you want to ramble on for an hour about how many tears you cried between the scale and the gym, you have to pay someone…

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