I Don’t Miss You At All

Published September 14, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

We stopped talking, texting, calling, meeting for lunch. After that night in August. You said some things I’m sure you regret. I retaliated by calling you out on your bullshit all on my blog. You were angry I did that. I remember laughing between my tears because I knew I’d never say sorry. I have nothing to be sorry for. You only wanted to be friends when it was convenient for you. If I got too close in your mind, you’d push me away. Only to beg for me to come back and I would because…hell I don’t know why at this point. Maybe because I knew you had no friends, maybe we were both desperately clinging as outcasts to each other because we both knew we could survive this world together. But then…you left. I got over you pretty quickly. I remember the night before school started though. I waited for your text to say whether we were having lunch together the next day. I think I should have guessed we weren’t when no text came. But still, I waited. Next day, I went to the cafeteria and looked for you. I suppose I still had hope. Now, I don’t know why I bothered. I’m glad to be free of you. You had me on a string. More of a rubber band or a ball. We’d be close, then you’d push me away. I’d come back but you’d push me away again later. I should have just said no after the first time you did that. I think you were confused. I tried to understand, to explain what I thought you wanted, but no…you weren’t interested. Oh well. What’s done is done and I’ve never felt better to be free, able to finally heal myself after the pain you caused.

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