Five Ways to Handle a Bad Day at the Office

Published September 26, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

Survival is Relative

Sometimes, you just have a really bad day at work. It seems like everything you do is wrong, you stay hours past the end of your shift, there’s a staff photo when you look like shit, and you forgot six or seven crucial things before a staff meeting. Or maybe that’s just us. But it’s important to have strategies for dealing with a bad day. Here are ours.

1. Find an empty office, shut the door, and cry. Just be sure not to smudge your eyeliner. But who are we kidding, we gave up on eyeliner in the morning months ago.

2. Vent about your bad day on Facebook. Bitch and moan about how much your boss just doesn’t get it. Really get into how much you hate her and how incompetent she is at her job. It’s totally fine, because you’re not friends with her on Facebook. Plus, your…

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