Finding New Reads

Published October 2, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

How do I find new blogs, books periodicals? I don’t know. I find titles and skim them. If I get hooked as I do with most writing, I’ll keep reading and skip to blog posts to see if it’s one I’d like to stick with. I’m a black sheep when it comes to reading and writing. I like to get out of my head sometimes and just write without really thinking. It’s called free writing but I use it as thinking outside the box. I try to follow prompts but mostly I like to write as myself without any prompt. Just go and do it. Everybody has an imagination. Put it to good use doing what you love. Whether it be writing, drawing, painting or music. Everything is a form of art. When you build a house it’s hard labor but there is a sense of creativity involved. This is life and you  won’t get out alive. Take chances, get creative, follow your dreams. Live to the fullest.


Thoughts, Ideas? Post away

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