Published October 2, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

It’s the same for everybody

The Professional Development Team

inspiration My blog has been silent for a few weeks now.  The reason is partially due to life but mainly because I have not felt inspired to write.  Not that there aren’t thousands of thoughts yet to share about leadership, teamwork and personal interactions, but nothing felt right to write (pun intended).  Amazingly enough, my lack of inspiration now became my topic!  Call it writer’s block or being uninspired, when ideas are not flowing, I feel it is almost impossible to force good content.  For me, when I write, it is like I am speaking the words in my head while I am typing.  I type as fast as my thoughts are flowing which makes writing fun and the words easy to find. When my head is empty, my fingers are not able to move. Personally, I think it is obvious even in the way I write between topics I am…

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