Stream of Consciousness

Published October 7, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

I never thought I’d be one of those people. One of those judgey people. Yes I made up a word! LIVE WITH IT! But these past two weeks have knocked me on my ass and I can’t seem to stand long enough before I get knocked on my ass again. Two weeks ago I received some news that a good friend who was also my mentor was leaving the company I work at. Upset me? You bet, but I tried to hold it together. Of course that weekend, I cried…a lot! Realizing how much extra tasks I’d be taking on in addition to all the stuff I do normally. I was really upset because she was a very good worker. Always on top of things…a skill I never mastered. She could jump from one task to the next without a problem…another skill I had difficulty with and have yet to master. But I’m slowly plugging through things even though it’s hard. I’m not used to having so much to do but at least it keeps me employed.

Next up take school. I fell on my ass. Hurt a lot and I’m still hurting from it. Then I smashed my elbow into a table. And my watercolor brushes fell apart. I spent 10 minutes crying. I can’t seem to fulfill my teachers expectations for my painting class. I’m more abstract and she wants us to be free with the assignments but still do it the way she asks. Contradiction much? I’ll say so! So now I’m trying to get all the work done for the midterm critique but I know it’s all going to be wrong in the sense that I won’t do it the way she wants…I also managed to come across one of those students, you know the type. The one who uses “like” every other word? Sorry I hate those people. I really do. Sweetheart? You’re in college. You didn’t get here on your looks, or by fudging the entrance exam. You got here hopefully by good grades and good work. Stop using like as every other word. It’s annoying and very…middle school. Not to mention no one will hire you for a job if that’s how you talk! Come on now!

My ex best friend is pregnant. She sent me a text this weekend to tell me. I’d be happy but she’s doing nothing for work or school and I just can’t be happy knowing her life is going downhill like it is. Her reason? She wanted to get pregnant! Today she texts me at work and tells me she’s in pain. NO SHIT YOU’RE PREGNANT! Her response was my bluntness made her laugh. Then she asks me what to do about the pain. Allow me to quote a movie for a moment


Damn girl, I can’t help you, not only because we’re 2000 miles away but also because why would I want to? I’m so glad we’re not friends anymore.

Sorry for my rants but I’m so stressed it’s insane. I hope I can still write posts well that keep you interested.


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