Published October 8, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

My boyfriend has moved to the back of my mind. For those who know me, will say that that’s a good thing because I don’t have my priorities straight. I’ll say I’m doing just fine thank you. He travels a lot. Leaving me time to focus on school and work. My time I will admit is split between school, work, and sleep. I get my homework done during school where it’s easier to focus and my teacher can look to make sure I’m doing the work correctly. Now some of you may be thinking “Wait a minute, you’re not in elementary school anymore, you’re in college.” You’d be right! The only disagreement I’d have with that is my teacher has a difficulty explaining things in a way that makes sense to me. Take class yesterday for example. We were talking about yellow ocher, which is a slightly duller version of yellow. I asked why not add black to yellow to make it duller? It’s another solution, another way right? Well after she was done talking and started working she told me I didn’t grasp what she said! Um…I think I did understand. I offered another solution! Don’t tell me I’m wrong!! Jeez! So she’ll sit and watch to see if I’m doing things right. Yeah I don’t really like it but at least she can give me insight. Now with work, I might be answering the phones a little bit more, more filing but it’s not so much to juggle everything. I don’t have many friends and thus a non-existent social life. So I can juggle things just fine, even if I am a little tired at the end of the day


One comment on “Bothered…

  • My 16 yr old daughter has just started college (A levels – UK)…she seems to be having similar issues! Hmmm. College is a huge leap. Hang in there! She also does not have many friends…but the internet is her best buddy (especially tumblr) I am encouraging her to set up a wordpress blog, though I am not sure she really needs that extra distraction?

    It sounds from what you write that you are studying some form of Art course? May I ask what it is? Where are you based?(I mean COUNTRY – DO NOT give out your town!) ..never mind – just read your about! Nice to meet you 😀


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