Confusion and the Point of Religion

Published October 17, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

For almost 23 years…OK maybe not my whole life but since I was 10, I’ve always wondered what’s the point of religion. I know many of my readers may not find this post in good taste but I’m really wondering what the point is. I can be emotional at times…I don’t know why but the first time I went to church? I cried! And that was the end of that. I mean the hymns were beautiful (when I wasn’t sniffing and having a little waterworks worth of tears) but I’ve always had an aversion…I don’t know why. An old friend of my moms side of the family is a priest and when he would come to holidays, he would always cross me. Of course he didn’t have ashes but still, he would and when his back was turned, I’d rub my forehead furiously. I don’t know why this should be but something about the action of crossing my forehead just irked me. No, not really irked me…it made me cringe and shiver. I don’t know why. I guess I’ve never really been religious…not devoted go to church every Sunday religious anyway. It’s just something I’ve noticed and often wondered about myself. I don’t feel like I belong to any religion really. I mean, I say I’m Wiccan because it’s a simple religion that is nature based. But I don’t really go to church, probably because I’ve never felt right about say…confessing my sins to a priest for example. Some people believe that confessing your sins will get you into heaven. That’s fine for those people, but I don’t really know what to feel about religion or views like that. They are what they are and you can believe what you want but I can’t…not without evidence. I took a philosophy of religion class last semester and all I did was debate with the teacher at every chance I could. Because to me, none of it really made sense. You can think what you want but don’t try to make me believe it. I need evidence.


3 comments on “Confusion and the Point of Religion

  • “I need evidence”

    So, with the Wiccan following that you are under currently (maybe?, maybe not anymore?), you feel more in tune, more accepting to this idea of nature, because it is all around you, you can see it, and (if studied) you can understand it.

    To me, all religions of this planet were and have been spawned from a central ideology of how to praise a power that has HIGH influence over this world. We should really bring that back together, this idea of presence no religion can fully understand as to “why this high power has put us here on this planet, in this particular solar system, inside of this specific galaxy.

    I am so sick of religion tearing the humans of this planet apart. Yes, you are right, it is confusing, especially when a person does NOT research within the world around them.

    If new ideas never come along, we just continue to cycle through the same ideas, without ANY hope for a change in cultural understanding and insight.

    Thank you for posting this.



    • Anytime. And yes I am Wiccan 🙂 I can understand nature. I can touch it, I can study it. I can’t touch God. I do believe in a higher power, however I also believe I am the only one who can change the outcomes of my decisions and my life


      • Alright, lets step outside of this box called, “religion” for a moment.

        You can feel nature, I can feel nature, you and I can study it, examine it, attempt to imitate it and create a replica.

        So who is in charge of this? And also, (you being an artist as well) we are what we make / create, right?

        If you walk outside any door that leads to grass, flowers, trees, etc., is this not that higher power in the form of its operation working and in progress as you look, observe, and touch? – Whatever you label this “higher power”, we touch it, we build from it, we destroy it, WE (you and I) are apart of it.

        I totally agree with you, we are.



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