Suicidal/Depression online-What do YOU do?

Published October 28, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

This has touched me very deeply as I have struggled on and off with depression. It’s not easy to deal with, almost impossible by yourself. The truth to all this is that you can deal with it, through therapy or long walks, doing what you love and having a good group of friends. I’ve struggled with depression and friends I know have as well. You can get through it, and I’m here to talk if you like -virtual hugs-


3 comments on “Suicidal/Depression online-What do YOU do?

  • Hi Meredith – I am glad you have found this post touching your heart and opened yourself to be there for others in the same or similar position – thank you so much for reblogging it – people really need to be able to take the chance of treating these things seriously and giving others the benefit of the doubt.


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