The Five Worst Things About Being a Woman at Work

Published November 6, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

Very true for any environment really out in the working world. I don’t wear makeup at all so I’ve been lucky there but the others I have yet to deal with

Survival is Relative

Yeah, yeah, you’re probably thinking. Another feminist post. But it’s really more like, we’re both women, and we’re both at work, and we’re both grumpy about it, so now you get to hear about it 🙂 Plus, we’ll compensate with an equally gender-biased post about the best parts of being a woman at work next time. And, as is said often at Amanda’s office, “bitching is bonding.” So let’s bond.

The Five Worst Things About Being a Woman at Work

1. Always having to talk like a man when speaking with the men of the office. Of course, in Amanda’s office, it’s more PC to say “always having to work around your female socialization while appreciating that others were socialized male, and that communication will always be a challenge.” And then burn some sage.
2. Ripped tights. Or really, just tights. Don’t get us wrong, we actually like them, but…

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