Lessons Learned From A Naive Girl’s Perspective

Published November 11, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

I’m the same way…feels like I’ll never learn

The Personal One

Here’s how the story unfolded a lonely woman without little so called friends reached out to a man to replace the husband that left. Knowing that no one could take his place not even him. Because what was left was done the day the papers were signed. No more reasons to cry for a story that was always meant for goodbye.

So the naive woman reached out to a man to make him a so called friend. The more they talked the more she fell. Her stupid head wouldn’t listen to her stupid knowing damn well he wasn’t one to trust. But fairytales was what she believed in and her stupid stories in her head confused her along with his words.

The pretty girl she didn’t know, always acting like a fool chasing after men.
She’d tell him stories of how she dated men then dropped them like they were…

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