Published December 8, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

Touch me
in secret places no one has reached before,
in silent places where words only interfere,
in sad places where only whispering makes sense …

Touch me
in the morning when light still clings to us,
at midday when confusion crowds upon me,
at twilight as I begin again to know who I am,
in the evening when I see you and hear you.

Touch me
like a child who will never have enough love,
for I am someone who wants to be lost in your arms,
someone who has known enough pain to love ,
someone who is sometimes strong enough to give.

Touch me
in crowds when a single look says everything,
in solitude when it’s too dark to see,
in absence when I reach for you through time and miles.

Touch me
when I ask
Touch me
when I am afraid to ask.
Touch me
with your lips, your hands, your heart, your presence in the room.

Touch me
gently~ for I am fragile
firmly~ for i am strong
often~ for I am alone.

And I will touch you the same way.

~Richard Drake Jones

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