Nightly Thoughts

Published December 28, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

We all grow up. We all change. Whether for better or worse that is determined by our actions and by fate. Things fall apart, giving way to disarray and confusion. To fall back together, with peace and clarity. We fall asleep in mists of blue. Left to our dreams. Where life and death meet. In a mix of black and white. Yin and yang. We change to meet life and life changes to meet us. Our souls are always singing that song. Stuck on repeat. Just going day by day as we wait for something to change us and erase our slates. So we may start again. At the next stage in life. With old experiences, guiding our challenges and desires. Each day, each big event, whether pleasant or tragedy is a chance to renew, redeem. Why are my walls down so much? It leaves me vulnerable. But if I keep them up I come off as cold, distant, detached. I just wish I could know who to trust…I have all these big ideas but I feel like I’m getting nowhere. Running a race like a mouse in a cage, getting nowhere…


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