Oh Well…

Published December 31, 2013 by meredithwyatt1990

So I broke up with Marcus. You know, I think I’m ok. I talked to his mom only to see if his phone number was still the same and she basically said he doesn’t have time for anyone and why don’t I go do something with my life? You know, whatever. You don’t know me so you can’t tell me what to do. You know my name, not my story. So much for me trying to care for someone who meant something to me. It was ok while it lasted. Sure, he disappointed me more times than I can count but when everything was fine, knowing we had each other felt really good. I dumped his messages, deleted his number, deleted him from Facebook and I feel ok. He can do what he wants. I’ve cut my ties as much as it hurts to admit, I knew it was coming.


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