Published January 6, 2014 by meredithwyatt1990

I think this is very true

The Risible Rambler

Sleep is a bizarre concept. Sleeping is essentially lying unconscious while hallucinating vividly–if you’re fortunate enough to have dreams. Sleep is the body shutting down, resetting, rebuilding, rejuvenating. We can’t do without it, yet the average human treats it like a waste of time.

I’ve known people who can sleep anywhere. They can shut down on airplanes, on busses, in the backstage area of a theater during a performance, at the table of a cafeteria. The body chooses to sleep–like a computer with drained batteries, it will shut down without warning of pushed too far. This is why college students sleep in class. This is why people with illnesses feel constantly drowsy. The body has to stop burning energy in order to create more of it.

Then there are the insomniacs.

These are the people who want to sleep–who need to sleep–but can’t. Their thoughts keep them up at night…

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