Another Shout Out If I May?

Published February 2, 2014 by meredithwyatt1990

To idiot writer! Your blog is incredibly inspiring and very thought-provoking. *tips virtual hat* thank you for inspiring me to write


5 comments on “Another Shout Out If I May?

  • Oh God sweety. I was thinking about you yesterday, and wondering where you were. Then I saw your comment on Suzjones article on abuse. Then I tried to come here to your blog. Then I could not get here. Then I had a horrible thought that you had blocked me(I know- tis my paranoid self) Then I finally found how to get here. Then I see this and burst into tears(literally)
    Thank you so very much my dear. You are a very special young lady. I always said when I started – if I could inspire ONE person- it would be job done. *dusts hands together*. Dear God I am so happy today for this news of you writing again!! Bless you Meredith.

    PS – you may want to have a look at the links for from your gravatar. (I recommend putting your blog into it – there is something weird happening with your name – normally if one clicks on it it takes you to the persons site – not so with your one — I will be thinking what it could be)

    Have an absolute brilliant weekend dear one.


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