Published May 24, 2014 by meredithwyatt1990

I procrastinate with my writing. I admit it. I can analyze it till I convince myself enough that I’m not lazy. Or I can just say I’m lazy and I feel unmotivated. I want to write. I really do! I just want to be able to have long eloquent posts that spark questions, debate, and general discussion. I have this deep need to write a long post and say “Look! I did it! I sparked a discussion!” I wonder if that stems from my underplaying want to feel validated and know that people like what I write? Or maybe I’m just a whiny person who has all these great ideas and is too afraid of the possibility of failure that I never follow through?

Oh…would you look at that? I’ve made a deep discovery of myself


3 comments on “Maybe?

  • There’s a book I’ve never read called “Dune” that I always think of when I’m thinking about fears and doubts (which, lately, have revolved mostly around writing)…

    “Fear is the mind-killer.” That’s a small bit from a piece called “Litany Against Fear” (in case you want to look it up and read the rest of it). I kind of personalized it at some point and usually it comes to mind as “doubt is the mind killer”. The two kind of go hand in hand though, and the answer is the same to both: go ahead and feel them, and then do what you were going to do anyways. Take ’em or a ride with you while you show them why you’re wrong.

    My two cents anyways 🙂 .


  • I can relate to you. With my blog that I had started, I want to be able to connect with others through what I have to share. However, I am self-conscious and worry how others will react when I putting myself out there.


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