Things I Shouldn’t Do (but do anyway)

Published June 11, 2014 by meredithwyatt1990

I’m ashamed to admit I do a few of these

The Finicky Cynic

Face it: as human beings, we’re selfish. We want nothing but the best for ourselves, regardless of our emotional state. I am even skeptical of those who volunteer or do philanthropic work: are they really doing it for the sake of benefiting humanity, or just for the sake of looking good for others?

I have compiled a brief list that I, as a twenty-something college student living in a first-world country, do. Yet, I believe that they can apply to people of all generations and backgrounds, too. Perhaps you see a bit of yourself in some of them, if not the majority. Enjoy the cringe!

  • Taking an hour’s shower and using up all of the hot water.
  • Using the equipment at the gym for a long while, even though you’re fully aware that people are waiting to use it (my response: “I got, like, four more sets to go”).
  • Taking more than…

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