It’s Hard to be Inspired These Days!

Published August 15, 2014 by meredithwyatt1990

The struggle is very real and quite a frustration for many, myself included. Why do I have all these great, crazy ideas at 3am?

The Finicky Cynic


The struggle is real.

As a writer (let alone a creative one), I have this problem of being inspired when I want to be inspired. And I know that the universe doesn’t work that way, but by God, why can’t it?!

Even worse, inspiration hits me at the worse times: when I’m out and about (with no time to jot it down), in the shower, or in bed. I get these insanely awesome ideas that must be written down, and unfortunately, the spark is gone once I have my pen and paper.

Furthermore, it is hard to be inspired with original ideas nowadays, because so much of what we think has already been done before. It’s hard not to be cliché, and it’s difficult to not plagiarize someone else’s ideas, especially when you aren’t even aware that you did.

I see it everywhere: in branded items (honestly, what’s the…

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