Let go?

Published September 18, 2014 by meredithwyatt1990

Can you let go in a toxic relationship or in a friendship easily? What’s your process? Do you delete their number and get rid of all the things they gave you as a final goodbye? I’m curious everyone. Or is it difficult and you’re left awake at night wondering if you made the right choice?

I’m not trying to bring anyone down or anything, I’m just wondering out of curiosity how you handle letting go of toxic people.


5 comments on “Let go?

  • Ooo, “toxic” is such a wonderfully illustrative word. My partner and I are in an open relationship. A year ago, we experienced a break up with his other partner. In his sadness (and a bit of my naivete), he snatched up another woman only a couple weeks later. That relationship turned out to be bad for everyone. Bad boundaries all around. Haha, finally, after a couple months and a series of regrettable events, I broke down sobbing and told him straight that this couldn’t go on. And so it didn’t. But not without bitterness and more sadness…

    C’est la vie 😉


  • I went through this very recently. It took months of thought first and watching how they treated me and others, talking to my Hubby about it. I finally came to a decision and cut all ties. I felt relief, I knew it was the right choice. I don’t or haven’t deleted all things yet. I’m taking one step at a time as it’s been very painful.


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