Published January 16, 2015 by meredithwyatt1990

First of all happy new year everyone! I hope your holidays were bright and cheerful.

Secondly, I’m making a lot of changes in my digital life. I’m starting to clean up my Facebook of old friends, past things that shouldn’t be unearthed, that sort of thing. I have a job I’m very lucky and proud to have, an amazing group of coworkers whom I have a great pleasure of knowing and I’m really starting to grow up.

I’m making these changes as I have no interest in partying or overly silly social friendships. By that, I mean I want friends who I can have deep, intellectual discussions with. I don’t want to go to a mall and people watch. I only shop when I absolutely have to or want to treat myself, both of which are seldom unless you count food, books, art supplies.

That’s all that’s new with me. How have all of you been?

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