Doing a lot of Thinking

Published April 12, 2015 by meredithwyatt1990

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist. However a feminist shouldn’t really be the word. By definition a feminist is a person who wants the same thing for both genders. Gender equality. I am a sapiosexual meaning I am attracted to people for their intelligence and personality, not their looks really. I believe in waiting until YOU feel the time is right to get married or have sex, drive etc. I will not do these things when society dictates me to. There are laws we live by and that is so we don’t get arrested or go out murdering people on a killing spree. It is so we can live cohesively as a nation and on a smaller scale a state, smaller still a town. We should not have to do things as society dictates because that would mean we all graduate at 18, for example. Some of us it may take longer to finish school. So what if we aren’t the societal definition of “normal?” Is that really a bad thing? If we all did the same things at the same time we would be in a world of sameness with no color, no difference. Is that what we want as a culture?

We should embrace our differences, scream it to the world and learn to understand others rather than shun them. If we all thought we were always right about everything, this is why we have wars going on. We need to embrace and celebrate differences. Not shun them


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