Are you leading me?

Published June 17, 2015 by meredithwyatt1990

2+2=4 right? And no I didn’t suddenly forget the answer. I’m using this equation to ask a philosophical question. Some questions only have one right answer. Why is that? We are taught to think for ourselves so until we learn for example that 2+2 does in fact equal 4, couldn’t we, to ourselves say it equals say…6 or something? Or let’s say you (the reader) and someone else (your friend) are having a discussion and you both look to me for advice or my opinion. Why if when it’s a disagreement would you ask me who’s right and then get mad at me because I didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear? I am an introvert and as a result I don’t talk much. When you are talking to me, I don’t talk much because in my mind I’m busy putting the pieces together to form a full and informed opinion based on my understanding of the situation. There should never be anything wrong with that. So why does society insist so much on leading us to conclusions? In the law that’s called “Leading the witness” and that’s when and “Objection” will be raised. So stop leading and expecting me to follow. I will draw my own conclusions.


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