Vulnerable and Unashamed

Published July 31, 2015 by meredithwyatt1990

Or so I’d like to think. I find myself stripped. The core of who I am, unable to hide from your searching gaze and soft smile. Something I used to both really hate and something I loved and needed. I pull my coat tighter thinking somehow that will shield my soul from the things I never wanted you to find out for fear you’d see me differently. A woman who has endured more than she ever should have to. Meeting your gaze tentatively, I feel a shiver quake through my body and I bite my lip slightly dropping my gaze to the table, trying to discern a pattern in the dots that fleck its scratched surface. I quickly blink back the tears that are threatening to fall and feel all the old memories come back in flashes.

I never wanted us to part. I withdrew into myself for a time, losing all the people who I thought were friends to their inability to be there for the person who needed it the most and couldn’t find the words.

Written while listening to a remake of the Scientist by Coldplay. Remake done by Aimee Mann


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