Feeling Unexplicable

Published August 23, 2015 by meredithwyatt1990

Do you ever get a feeling deep in your gut that you can’t explain? Like you feel empty and withdrawn because you need that time to figure things out, but yet you want more…something. More fulfilling things to do? 

I’ve been getting into the very popular World of Warcraft. It has over 7 million accounts from people all over the world. 

It feels like the closeness I want with relationships but none of the drama. It’s a nice feeling. 

Still  I feel like things are missing in my life. I can play WoW for hours and feel weirdly accomplished with my virtual self which makes me feel marginally accomplished with my real self. 

I don’t want, and know I won’t turn into a 24/7 gamer but at least when you’re in a game that has danger, adventure, friendships, relationships and beyond (ok the occasional asshole too) it helps you get away and give yourself that mental break from the bigger problems. Of course you do get the added benefit of learning to multitask 🙂


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