Your Dysfunction Conflicts With My Function

Published February 24, 2016 by meredithwyatt1990

Sienna Saint-Cyr ~ Author~Speaker~Blogger


I realized something today… Some people get on the Dysfunction Roller Coaster™ and never get off. They complain about their lives, relationships, jobs, circumstances, and will scream into the abyss, “I want off this ride!” Yet when faced with opportunities for growth, their response is to ignore all they’ve been told, all they’ve been shown, and grip the rusty, rundown, barely gripping the tracks, train instead.

I had to ask myself why this mattered since it’s not my behavior, not my choices…

What I came to is that these types of people trigger me.

Their dysfunctional worldview conflicts with my functional worldview, and it’s a problem.

I sat with this a bit and thought about all the people in my life that I’ve had to step away from. Before today, there was no pattern connecting these people. Yes, most of them had some sort of PTSD or similar issue…

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