It’s Been Way Too Long

Published September 25, 2016 by meredithwyatt1990

Did you miss me? I’m laying here with all these rambling thoughts and I thought I’d check in and try to start posting again 🙂 I was also thinking about posting in general whether it be on Facebook, twitter, other social networks, or here and that too for me thinking that if you want to keep reading my blog, I should post interesting stuff. 

My life has been in a state of normalcy with the occasional hiccup here and there. I quit my volunteer position and though it was with a heavy heart and an unsure future that I did so, I feel at peace. Is that weird?

I’ve been applying for jobs and weirdly it’s been kind of fun. It’s making me realize I might want to go back to school. 

Well it’s fall so get warm with cider, fires, hoodies and jumping in the leaves ❤


Thoughts, Ideas? Post away

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